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I’ve been reading the same book for six months and I can’t finish it. I, for no reason, made up a rule that if I start a book, I have to see it through. Because of this, I am very careful about my selection. I read in-depth reviews, and no, not just critic ones, I prefer the ones from people like you and me. I guess you could say I am a test drive before you buy type of person. I’ve spent months forcing myself to read this book in hopes the next page will change my mind. It’s been with me on planes, to the beach, but mostly sitting in the backseat of my car. I’d been staring at this thing for so long I’d half convinced myself that maybe I just don’t like to read anymore.

I finally convinced myself it was okay if I flirt with the idea of a new book and see what happens. I’m not actually cheating on the other book, we’re just having a conversation. Within minutes I was enthralled, and realized it wasn’t that the other book was bad, it just wasn’t speaking to me. So, I decided to adopt a new system: if it’s not serving me, move on. By the way, if you’ve made it this far, I’m only sort of talking about books.

I’m not even going to say what my new year’s resolution was the last two years, because no I did not do it nor even attempt to. I’ll just say there will be no more resolutions made about my athletic abilities, because your girl lacks upper body strength and that’s not changing anytime soon. 😉 I have, however, set some attainable goals for the upcoming year, and I’m actually looking forward to balancing the $truggle of living in Southern California in my 20’s.

2018 has been split into two parts in my brain. Pre-move and post-move. The past six months went by so fast I feel like I’m just now settling in. So much to do, so little time has been the theme of the latter half of the year. It’s been a wonderful mixture of exhausting and fun. There have definitely been some unexpected plot twists, but overall if anything has evolved in me this year, I’ve grown to appreciate life’s little challenges. They make for some interesting stories worth retelling.

With it being the holiday’s, my brother called me and said I should think of some traditions to start with my nephew this Christmas, since we’re not going home to Portland. I became excited about this opportunity to start a trend that one day little Coley will be telling his friends what his family always does…and how awesome and hip his auntie is (I can dream). We threw around some ideas and I was thinking hmm idk if that’s cool enough…wait…am I trying to impress a toddler?? Apparently that’s where I’m at.

My favorite part about this year has been the feeling of home in a new place, and I have some amazing friends to thank for that. My transition could have been a whole lot more rocky and I feel pretty dang lucky it worked out. This wouldn’t be a post about my year without some photos, so below are my most memorable moments of 2018 in chronological order.

January: I graduated from snowboard school!! Don’t ask me to prove it though #heelsidewarrior

February: Birthday- Nothing else ever exciting happens this month but I do like to drag out the celebrations for as long as possible

March: Another CRSSD to remember

April: Camping with bae

May: Solo in Seattle

June: Hanging out in GNP with my favorite little dude before leaving on this epic road trip

July: Countless beach sunburns and sunsets

August: Disneyland for the first time in a decade!

September: Quality time with my girls at our fave festival

October: A backyard Halloween party to remember

November: Quality time with fam in Oregon

December: Experiencing California Christmastime

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