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I tend to see a pattern of two different points of view this time of year showing up on my feed. For some, January 1 is just another day, NYE has too much hype/always a let down, why set a resolution when you’re not going to stick to it?

For others it can be a symbolic time. Closing a chapter on a year you either decided was “the best year of your life”, or “not your year.” Looking to the future, setting goals.

I see a little bit of myself in both categories. I like resolutions and also don’t think it’s all that bad if you don’t follow through the whole year. The point is you tried (which is a lot more than most) and you now have a more realistic measure of where to set your next goal. I do however, dislike that we, as humans, tend to shape one major life event in a year, as the defining moment for the entire year. When in reality a lot of these seemingly big things are small blips on the radar of our life.

My last post is titled “2018”, and that’s pretty embarrassing. I’ve been keeping this virtual memory book for nearly 5 years now, and I love looking back at stories seen through my eyes at that season of my life, new recipes I’ve come up with, or just random fun. So, I owe it to myself to keep on keeping on. With that, my first New Year’s resolution of 2020 is to have at least six blog posts (which compared to the zero I did this year, a tall order).

In true year-in-review fashion, I chose one favorite memory per month of 2019!

January: Yikes- this was kind of rough month. Trying to get out of a bad living situation with a crazy roommate was stressful to say the least. I wish I had better memories of this time, this is one of the only photos that I have from that month. A carefree day bee-boppin around beautiful La Jolla with my jam (A.K.A Marta)

February: On my birthday I moved into my own little place. This was the start of a year with a lot of personal and professional growth for me. I’ll never forget the feeling of this day!

March: A day trip to Catalina Island for work, the views took my breath away. Being new to San Diego, I am pretty impressed with how many other parts of California I was able to see this year as well (mostly thanks to my job).

April: I didn’t do quite as many hikes as I would have liked to this year, but Cedar Creek Falls was on my favorites. San Diego county is huge and there is a lot more I’d like to explore next year for hiking and camping.

May: A trip back home to Bend & Portland. We had a blast meeting up with old friends and doing the usual. We also went to a Cinco de Mayo fair and rode some sketchy rides. You win some you lose some.

June: Going to San Francisco for work might be the best California trip I’ve ever been on. Some highlights were riding a bike across the Golden Gate, touring China Town, and dining next to the Bay Bridge. I’d only ever driven through San Francisco so being able to really explore the city (with perfect weather) was something I’ll always cherish.

July: Celebrated a year in San Diego. A city trolley tour was a great reminder of what I love about the city, and how lucky I am to live here. I’m still in awe every time I drive over the Coronado Bridge.

August: Took a rather spontaneous trip to Australia to hangout with this koala; decided he should come back with me ;).

September: Annie came to town and I made an hour by hour itinerary for 7 days of activities. We accomplished everything- and it was amazing.

October: Took a road trip up to Carmel-by-the-sea and stayed in the cutest gazebo tent EVER. Went on a dreamy hike in Big Sur and had perfect weather to top it off. All around solid weekend getaway.

November: Time change called for early nights in, lots of cooking, and pretending it was cold outside. The truth is this was one the busiest months I’ve had at work and I didn’t have time to see anyone or do anything all that exciting. We got out one weekend to the Del Mar horse races (not my thing), but watched The Wailer’s perform afterwards, which was definitely a highlight. Homemade Pho pictured below…

December: Who doesn’t love December? Christmas parties galore, friends, family, yummy cocktails and treats. I was mostly excited to have my own tree for the first time.

That’s a wrap! The year isn’t over yet though. I am so looking forward to going home to Oregon for Christmastime, getting my “Bend Fix”, freezing my tooshie off, and then coming back to San Diego just in time to ring in the new year.

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