• Abigail Colombo

Broken Top Mountain

Broken Top Mountain was even more beautiful than I expected, and I was able to share the views with a few of my favorites back in September.

We did this hike on Labor Day, and the day before the road was shut down due to heavy traffic/not enough parking. We wanted to make sure that didn’t happen to us so we left fairly early. The road getting up to the trail head is less than ideal, even in the most extreme 4wd vehicles. We were in a truck and it took over 30 minutes to climb 4 miles. However, it was entertaining to watch other cars attempt this forest service road, or “spur” as I learned. You’re not out of luck if you don’t have the right car, you can always start the hike at Todd Lake, it just makes the round trip about 14 miles. The hike itself wasn’t too steep and the views around each corner were stunning!

We stopped near the top for a quick snack break before heading down. I can’t imagine reaching the summit without ropes but maybe it can be done…I won’t be the one to try. 

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