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Camp Sherman, Oregon

For our first overnight of the season, we wanted to check out Smiling River Campground in Camp Sherman, which is just outside of Sisters. It was recommended by Annie’s sister, and did not disappoint. I hadn’t camped out there yet, and was looking forward to scoping out a new spot. We don’t usually get out this early in the year, but the weekend was unseasonably warm, and we both had it off which is a rarity these days. Also falling on Earth day, it was kismet.

There was no one in sight upon arrival, so we had our pick of the land. We settled on a site with a beautiful view up the river, a seemingly private lawn, and some eye candy home builders across the way A.K.A… prime real estate. Within the hour- tent was up, hammock was strung, beers were cracked, and we were getting our tan on.

Before dinner we chatted with the camp host and learned the water hadn’t been turned on yet. This resulted in going full little house on the prairie to fetch water out of the stream. Happy to report no parasites, although let’s be real I wouldn’t be that upset over a tapeworm.

Annie has acquired a camping stove which has taken our cooler to new culinary heights. We have gotten pretty creative in the past with cold meals, but now- we dine in luxury. Pasta Primavera? done. Bruschetta appetizers? why not. After some stale yet satisfying s’mores, we went to sleep in the arctic zone that was our tent. In typical Central Oregon fashion it was winter again, and even my 10 degree sleeper that has kept me warm the past decade did not do the job.

The next morning Annie tended to the fire and whipped up some eggs while I read the local paper. If you can’t already tell why I love camping with her, it’s because she does all the manual labor. The particular article I was skimming was about the rampant increase of ticks in the area, so I decided it was time to GTFO of the Deschutes National Forest. After a quick 2 mile jog around the river, we headed back to Sisters and spent the day at the spa. Balance.


The best thing about living in Bend is being so close to these peaceful getaways, and as far as river camping goes, 10/10 would go back. I imagine all of Camp Sherman is booked out far in advance for the Summer so I feel pretty lucky we got a taste before the crowds hit.

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