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Coconut Chicken

If it isn’t already apparent, there will be a huge coconut theme in my food posts. If you don’t already know the benefits of coconut/coconut oil etc. you must be living under a rock, in which case you wouldn’t be reading this anyway.

This chicken is really easy to make and only requires a few ingredients. I have tried a lot of recipes for something like this and none of them turned out like I wanted so I made up my own and it works every time, so listen to me. 😉

Coconut Chicken 
Chicken Tenderloins
Coconut Flour
Garlic Powder
Sesame Seeds
Shredded Unsweetened Coconut 
Coconut Oil 

I think Chicken tenderloins are perfect for this, but use whatever you have on hand, or prefer.

Start by cutting up the chicken into bite-sized pieces, toss in a bowl with coconut flour, just to dredge. You don’t want a bunch of extra flour in the bowl but you also want them all to be coated. Just use your best judgement. I don’t have exact measurements because it depends on how much chicken you want to cook.

Next sprinkle in some garlic powder, and Salt and Pepper. If your sesame seeds are NOT toasted, add a dash of those too, if not wait until later.

Heat a tablespoon or so of coconut oil over medium-high heat. Add in your chicken and cook until done, and golden brown.

This next step is important! Add in a couple tablespoons of shredded coconut (and your sesame seeds, if toasted) at the very end (chicken should be done or very close) Put heat on LOW and toast the coconut until golden brown. It only takes about 15-30 seconds. Remove from heat, enjoy!

I eat this with baked or sauteed broccoli that was marinated in garlic coconut aminos (recipe coming soon in “Sides”)

Another option is this Asian Cabbage Salad:

Coconut Chicken

Brocolli slaw and/or cabbage, chopped green onions, 2 pieces of bacon, chopped, avocado (not pictured but I woulda if I coulda), the chicken tenders

Dressing (recipe coming soon in “Sauces”) was a mixture of sesame oil, sriracha (or garlic chili paste), rice vinegar, and coconut aminos. It’s addicting!

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