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Glacier National Park

When offered to tag along on a trip to Glacier National Park for a week, I couldn’t say no! Having never been to Montana, I didn’t know what to expect, but coming from Oregon, the most beautiful state (I’m biased), I thought, how cool could it actually be? OK really freaking cool.

10 mile hike, half of which was in semi-unexpected downpour (hence Fay’s trash bag poncho)

Our cabin was minutes from the entrance to GNP, but with some road closures due to snow pack, we ended up doing driving around the park quite a bit to get around. It’s a trade off to go in Spring, a lot less crowded but you might not have access to the entire park.

For the five days I was there we went on a few hikes on the West and East side of the park, ventured to nearby towns Whitefish and Kalispell, and hung out around the fire at our cute cabin in Coram.  Oh, we also went real hippie dippie one day and toured a vortex. It was an experience…

I’m so bummed I didn’t see a moose or any other wildlife besides deer! (although watching other tourists amazed by deer was a sight in itself). The mosquitoes weren’t terrible either THANK GOODNESS because I usually am the one to suffer in group settings.

This was the perfect getaway before I traded in mountain and trees for beach and skyscrapers.  I love those brief moments when you feel really small, which is why I’m drawn towards the ocean, stand starry-eyed on the streets of Tokyo, and in this case, in awe under the towering cliff faces in Big Sky Country.  The hikes were endless and we only got to experience a fraction of the beauty, so I’ll have to go back.

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