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Moments: 2020


Okay this photo was taken pre iPhone 12 days, so this picture doesn't quite do it justice, but on a walk around Torrey Pines on New Years Day, the most insanely beautiful golden sunset appeared. That kind that just gets better and better and so you have a million photos on your phone, but also just want to sit and stare and it in awe. I just remember thinking WOW, this must a GOOD sign for 2020 (hah!). Sooo, lets just call a good sunset a good sunset, and not a sign of anything.


Most everyone hates on February, but it was the month I was born, so I give it extra love. We went to Joshua Tree for my birthday, and had the best time. So good in fact we are going again for my next Birthday and making it a little tradition. A friend of mine recommended we check out Pappy & Harriet's for the BBQ, and luckily we made a reservation way in advance cause that place was PACKED. We ate what I will say was the best Mac & Cheese I have ever had and danced to this hippie band singing Harvest Moon. It was so magical, and it sticks out to me even more now because it was the last time either of us listened to live music for a long time, especially in a crowded restaurant.


These signs usually say things like "15 minutes to the border" or "turn on your wipers when it's raining." When I saw "Stop the Spread of COVID-19, Wash your Hands" I was so shocked and scared, it made things very REAL. Eventually I just got used to seeing the signs, just like how you get used to anything after a period of time. I was thinking how it's going to take the same amount of time to get used to seeing things as "normal" again too.

This month brought on so much anxiety, and everything was so unknown. I had no idea what was to come. I thought I I'd be working from home for a week and then back to the office, hah!


Quarantining was a new feeling and cabin fever was real. Jake and I were both working from home in our kitchen converted cubicle for two. Our "office" looks out onto the alley behind our house, and now we have an idea of what goes on during the day. We thought sketch things only went on after dark...NOPE!


We invested in an air fryer. The End.

But really, this was the beginning of the end of appliances we use. It's been 6 months and I still use that thing every day, and totally upped my game in making things my favorite texture (crispy/crunchy). I was skeptical at first, like how people love crock pots and I really don't (shhh), but air frying is legit.


Temperatures are warming and San Diego is going through random openings and closures. We decided to revamp our front patio when we realized we would be spending a LOT more time at home than usual during the summer. It became a total safe haven and we loved spending our days and nights here playing games and drinking cocktails.


I actually had a lot of memorable moments this month compared to the months prior, but one that still makes me smile was Jazz night at Madison. Jakes loves Jazz and this was our first dining out experience under new rules, and they did a great job. It was so fun to listen to live music again and the food was as good as ever.


Found a gem of a picnic spot at Torrey Pines overlooking the ocean. I now refer to it as "our spot" when we go back ;) We got take out and watched the sunset, which is my favorite thing to do in San Diego. Especially this year, the beaches were closed for a period of time, so being able to do this was extra special.


Did sooo many cooking demos this month, something I probably would have never done pre-pandemic. It's been so much fun connecting with people through them and reignited my love for cooking.


Picked up some to-go cocktails and walked to Kindred from North Park with my favorite people. Had the best time at dinner laughing and trying fun vegan food and cocktails.


Biking Zion. This might take the cake for favorite moment of 2020. Mind blown, so happy, and extremely grateful. All the feelings this day, and I can't wait to go back.


I can't decide! From our last sail of 2020 and "Christmas morning" in San Diego, to laughing till we're crying playing games with friends and a ping pong tourney with the fam in Bend. Feeling extra grateful for the little moments spent with friends and family during a time that is so heavy for so many.

Looking into the new year feels pretty different this year. I'm usually setting goals, wanting to leave bad memories in the past, have a fresh start. But this year, when everyone is so eager to leave 2020 behind, I welcome you to shift your perspective, I think you'd be surprised.

<3 Abby Abnormal

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