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Moraine Lake

It’s been nearly a year since I’ve sat down to write on this blog, sadly. A lot has changed in a year but one thing that hasn’t changed is the endless amount of beauty in my home state. This is more for my personal archive of memories and moments but as always I like to share these tidbits with my friends and fam. I’ll probably go back in time for some of my favorite adventures in Southern Oregon and beyond, but for today we will be taking a trip to the Three Sisters Wilderness…exciting!!

My trail guide, without her I would be in a ditch somewhere, or still be searching for my car in the parking lot.

I have yet to summit South Sister, I would like to have a good reason but the truth is I am scared of this one. After my friend told me “it was literally the hardest thing I’ve ever done”, and another who said, “I thought it would be easier the second time, no- it’s hell” I can’t say I’m jumping at the chance. I’m always up for a challenge (not entirely true), but for now I decided to start small and hike nearly halfway.

To get there from Bend, drive up the Cascade Lakes highway, turn left into the Devils lake trail head, about 6 miles past Mt. Bachelor. There isn’t a Moraine Lake sign at the beginning, it says South Sister Summit, but that’s the one!

It took Annie and I about an hour fifteen to get to the lake, it’s just over two miles one way, but very steep. The majority of the way you are hiking through mossy trees and trail that eventually open up to views of Broken Top. There was some snow but it was manageable in shorts and running shoes. The sun was blistering hot and the air biting cold, in typical Central Oregon fashion.

Apparently on a clear day you can see a reflection of the mountain in the water, but I had no such luck. I dipped my toes in the glacial water, we had a picnic, and nearly dozed off to the sweet sound of silence before the rude awakening of screaming children across the way. You can’t have it all…

Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake

The hike down took about fifty minutes and I was sore for two days. Overall, would recommend and will do again, maybe even summit.

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