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Palm Springs, California


Go to Palm Springs, they said. It will be 75 and sunny, they said. Steps off plane into 98 degree sun and melts Don’t complain, I tell myself. It freezing at home, this feels so great * Skin searing; eyes burning*

Okay, maybe a bit dramatic, but to say the least I was not prepared for a week of hot-hot after months of bitter cold…a girl needs time to acclimate!  My aunt and uncle picked my cousin and I up from the airport, which I thought looked like a movie set. It’s mostly outdoors with perfectly pruned landscaping and palm trees as far as the eye could see. We made our way to their home in Rancho Mirage and switched modes of transportation to the golf cart to go grab drinks and a bite to eat. I immediately decided I could get used to this and I am going to work on retiring ASAP.

With a pool a block away I spent most of my days swimming and napping and reading but we did manage to get out of the house a few times and go on some adventures.

San Jacinto Mountains: 

One of the best views of the trip was 8,516 feet up the Chino Canyon on my first tram ride. We went on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway which is the world’s largest rotating tramway. It definitely felt like a ride at an amusement park at times because with every sway and bump there was a collective “OooOOo” heard throughout the crowd. I found this entertaining. We grabbed lunch at the top and went for a hike (in the snow!!). It’s about 40-50 degrees cooler up there than on the ground which was quite the mind trip.



I’m well aware that people travel to this area specifically to golf, and no, I didn’t golf. My excuse is I don’t do ball sports, and it was too hot. I decided to sweat through my clothes sitting in the golf cart eating tacos instead of exert any energy. It’s a bad excuse, and I’ll try it next time I promise. Second and better excuse is that my family is good at golf, and I’m not trying to bring down the family average. Their house is on a hole with a pond though, so I did enjoy, and simultaneously try not to laugh watching others hit ball after ball into the water.


Night at the Casino:

Roulette is the name, and losing is my game! We were right when we told the fam we wouldn’t be long when they dropped us off at Agua Caliente . But hey, I’ve never had more fun losing money. Things I quickly learned that differ from casino’s in Nevada. 1) You don’t get free drinks just for playing (lame). 2) Roulette is played with cards instead of that ball which somewhat lacks the anticipatory effect. 3) It still sucks that you can smoke in these joints and that just blows my mind, yuck.

My gambling days aren’t over though. I told Nikki I’m going to be that person that is walking out of casino one night all casual, stop at a slot machine and put a dollar in as a “one last time” deal, and then BAM! hit the jackpot. It will happen, trust me, you just have you manifest these things and karma is on my side.

Downtown Palm Springs: 

Our trip started out with breakfast at Palm Springs “hippest” restaurant, Lulu’s.  My Eggs Benedict was delish with a twist, the base being a portabello mushroom instead of the traditional english muffin. My aunt enjoyed a half papaya filled with cottage cheese, honey, and berries, and we all sipped on a variety of A.M. bevvies including fresh squeezed OJ.

At this point the morning sun was bearable so we putzed around town, idling in and out of souvenir shops. After picking out my token mug, shot glass, and magnet (at this super cute shop), it was time to head back to our safe space (car with A/C).

Throughout the trip my goal was to get a heavy dose of R&R, which was no challenge at all. It was such a gift to just “chill” all week with a few of my favorite people, and it wouldn’t have been possible without my generous and fun-loving family members. Thanks to Rob, Carrie, and Nikki for showing me the sights and letting me crash at your pad! Until next time.

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