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San Diego, California

The main event of this trip was the CRSSD festival, which is a two day house/techno music festival. I’ve never been a “festival girl” as they call it, the last one I went to was country music in a little town called Sweethome. If you don’t know where that is don’t worry, you don’t want to go there. This was my second time going to crssd, and it was even better than the last. The backdrop is incredible on the waterfront and although the line to get in makes me question everything in life, once you get in there is plenty to keep you entertained for hours.

Next stop on the trip was to Coronado, simply because I had never been and wanted to check it out. Since I love a good tourist moment, we took the ferry over instead of driving. After getting sufficiently day tipsy at Coronado Brewing Co., we ventured to North Park for some pho at Shank and Bone, followed by a night cap in Little Italy at Born and Raised (fancy af). On our way home I had a moment of clarity and decided ice cream from Salt & Straw would make all of our dreams come too. It did.

After a recovery day, we headed to Pacific Beach to sight see on some electric scooters you activate with a phone app. Mine did not work because in the words of my best friend “it’s probably an iPhone thing”, which is a phrase she often uses to remind me I am a lower level of human species. We scooted down to Mission Bay, in awe of all the bright colored vacation rentals, and walked back on the sand. I feel like I’m in a goddamn movie when on the boardwalk of PB with the roller bladers, sand volleyball players, and people walking around with a perma-grin. All I could think was don’t these people work? It’s Tuesday. No, they don’t, because we’re in a movie.

We finished the trip in arguably my favorite neighborhood, Little Italy. Dinner was at El Camino for taco Tuesday, naturally. Pros: Great artwork and ambiance, our server looked like Tila Tequila, and they had great deal of heat lamps 😉 With the addition of some tolerable muffled karaoke in the background, I was sold. I think the food was good too but I had kind of zeroed in on the margarita pitchers at that point soo… 10/10 would go back.

That’s a wrap for San Diego 2018! I don’t know if I will make another trip this year but this one created memories for a lifetime for sure.

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