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The Home Edit: How to Organize Small Spaces

A few months ago I Marie Kondo'd my drawers after the world watched this amazing woman teach people to either see joy in their belongings, or live without them. Although I was inspired by this show, I didn't really need it. I have the opposite of hoarder tendencies. I get rid of/donate/sell everything that doesn't have a place in my 400 sqft apartment, which is most things.

I have one box of sentimental items I keep, but even that gets a quarterly comb through to determine what really needs to be kept. Even still, every time I move and have to lug this box around, it weighs me down. I know ONE day I will appreciate that I held on to all those yearbooks, or at least I think so.

The first cleaning show I watched growing up was Hoarders on TLC, but it's pretty extreme, and a little hard to watch/grasp sometimes. When I saw Get Organized with The Home Edit come across my recommended watch list on Netflix, I got a twinkle in my eye. A show about organizing, and...Reese Witherspoon makes an appearance?! I'm in.

I didn't even finish the series before I made a trip to my local container store, I needed those damn overpriced acrylic bins! There is one specific area in my house that has been causing me frustration since I moved in. It's essentially the only storage in my apartment, and has become a catch all shelf that I can never keep tidy.

*click the arrows to see before & after*

Of course, I couldn't stop there! The other area of my apartment that I am constantly trying to figure out is the "pantry." I put in quotes because it is just a cabinet in which I cannot reach 1/2 of the shelves. My DREAM is to have a beautiful walk in-pantry one day *sigh.*

I'm actually pretty embarrassed, as a cook, for you to see this. The spices are a constant mess, and the strange built in shelving also makes it difficult. I switched the pantry and the dish cabinets so that the dishes are directly above the drying rack (no I do not have the luxury of a dishwasher), and the food above the cutting board/food prep area (a tip I learned on T.H.E to create a flow). Another thing to note is in the kitchen, I did not get rid of anything, this was just the power of thoughtful organization..

Items I purchased from The Container Store:

I imagine you can find these things at Ikea or the like for cheaper. I was going to go there if the acrylic bins weren't the exact right size for my cabinet, I don't care about having name brands.

  • (3) 10 inch acrylic bins (my cabinet measures 30 inches wide so this made my brain so happy)

  • Various small, medium, and large containers that fit inside the bins to separate (the same brand so they fit in the larger bins correctly)

  • (1) hanging shelf (as pictured, to hold my hot tools)

  • (1) expandable spice rack

I moved the silver drawer from my catch all cabinet to under the sink, which was another disaster...

Doing a full on home edit can be overwhelming if you have a lot to organize, so I recommend choosing one area at a time, and finishing it in one day. The feeling of accomplishment will encourage you to move on to the next space. Now that you're inspired- happy home editing!

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