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Yogurt Superbowl

Textures are kind of a big deal, and this snack has so much yes going on in that category I could eat it everyday, and often do. Although little, there is a lot going on here so I wouldn’t actually just eat is as a snack, but rather lunch or post workout. This bowl is packed with superfoods (hello cocoa nibs and chia!), super filling, and super delicious (hence the name).

As far as textures go, I specifically like crunchy things, so much so when I dated a guy who loathed the sound of food being crunched, he would have to go in the other room when I ate most foods. Sorry not sorry!

Yogurt Superbowl

  1. Servings: 1

  2. Time: hardly any

  3. Difficulty: hardest part is sourcing the ingredients, but once you have them they will make many bowls

  4. Print


  1. 1 container Pure Smari Icelandic Yogurt (Siggi’s, or any other ridiculously expensive option works as well, but I stress the use of a good quality yogurt)

  2. 1 T Chia Seeds (I usually just sprinkle them raw, but in this one they were soaked (roughly 1:3 ratio chia to water or almond milk)

  3. 1 T Cocoa Nibs

  4. 1 T Unsweetened Shredded Coconut

  5. 1 t Coconut Sugar (optional, if you like to sweeten it up)

  6. 1 T Almond butter

  7. A few berries of your liking

DirectionsLayer however you like, take a pretty photo before you mash it all together 😉

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